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Growing Bamboo To Sustain Myself

Growing bamboo to sustain myself has many great opportunities for me to grow the materials I will need in the future. It is already used extensively around the house and garden. Even in the greenhouse. Without it I would buying a lot more wood. Which money you won’t have if things go south. You can literally make almost anything from bamboo. And many things I have made from bamboo. I sell the plants, I sell the roots. I could even sell the shoots. I can sell the canes.

Growing Bamboo To Sustain Myself

Growing Bamboo To Sustain Myself

I can make products out of the canes and sell them too. If you are a survivalist you simply must grow this plant for all of its many uses. Growing bamboo to sustain myself is a great way to get your natural resources fast. Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It is and if you maintain it properly you can have an ongoing supply of lumber for the rest of your life.  And I can teach you how to do that. We carry starter packages and large field dug divisions as well. My contact number is (859)242-1602 Jeff Gabelman call me if you need more information about getting started today.

Growing Bamboo To Sustain Myself With Free Materials To Build With

After you initial investment its free. You can start with a very small plant. Or to get a really fast start get one of our field dug divisions and be producing large culms(canes) in just 2 years. We have all sizes at unheard of prices. We can make you a great deal and even guarantee the plants for 2 years. After you have an established grove you can start selling and building the same things I do for free. It takes a little time to get started, but after you get it in the ground it takes almost no effort to grow. It gets a little tough to dig the bigger it gets, but to me its worth it to have free product to sell. This plant has changed my life in ways I could never dream of and I will never turn back either. It has become my passion, my way of life and I couldn’t even imagine my life without it now. If everyone felt the same way I do this would be a very different country. After I buy a new bamboo species I grow it for a few years before I sell any of it. This way I know if I can trust the plant to live through the winter. Once I know more about the plant I can then market and sell this plant. By the time I sell one or two of the new species the rest is pure profit. And something that needs very little attention is just making me money on its own. What other product does that all for you. When it comes time to sell just dig it up, put it in a pot and sell. Pure 100% profit. It has been a while since I posted last because I have been so busy with the bamboo and gardening business. So growing bamboo to sustain myself is one of the greatest ideas I have ever come up with.

Thank You

By Jeff Gabelman

Basic Survival Techniques

Basic survival techniques are your ability to grow, catch and hunt for your food. The process can take many years to achieve or if you’re good at it, it may only take a year. But being able to grow your own food is a big part of survival. Fresh organic vegetables make up a healthy diet. And the cheaper you can grow these vegetables the more money you’ll have to use on other things you need. I mean basic survival methods can cost next to nothing if done correctly. I am the type of person who hates to pay for anything, especially if I can build it myself for free.

Basic Survival Techniques

Basic Survival Techniques

Just like I have done with my gardening business. I have come a long way in my business that I started from zero dollars. But every year I build more and more of the cheapest methods and now I’m making good money at it. I love every single minute of it. I love running my own business the way I want to run it. In the process I am also growing great healthy food for my family and the families of those around me who take advantage of our very reasonable prices.  Basic survival techniques are used in many of my everyday operations and in fact they run my business, Like the ability to catch hundreds and hundreds of gallons of rain water when it rains. I use probably 20 gallons of water a day to water my greenhouse plants and I don’t pay 1 cent for it. Now that is basic survival techniques 101. You must have water to survive.

Basic Survival Techniques Somewhere To Grow Your Vegetables

Mine is in my homemade greenhouse. Where I can lock out the animals who like to eat my great plants. Then I actually get to eat the vegetables that I grow. The poor animals are being pushed into our yards to feed themselves and they will eat everything to the ground. At my house they don’t get that option.  Because I just close the door on my greenhouse. This is what gardening is coming to. Where you are going to have to start growing indoors to keep the animals from eating everything. I am so happy with my greenhouse that I am doubling the size.  With that being said I am also going to double my yield and my profits.

Gardening 101 Getting Back To The Basics

Gardening has many different meanings to many different people. But to me it means providing for my family first. And then from there it takes on other meanings. Money comes next. Gardening can and does make you money. There are many ways to make money gardening. You can sell plants, fish, vegetables, roots, seeds, trees, and shrubs. Flowers and even your own home-made soil. Gardening many different ways gives you many different options. Greenhouse gardening can take this even farther and farther. With the use of a greenhouse you can extend your growing seasons a lot longer. With this advantage you can grow many different plants that you wouldn’t normally grow. Like root crops. I’m growing a lot more than I was last year. I am going to use every bit of space I can this year.

Gardening Basics

The old gardening basics still work best for me. And I have found this is also the cheapest method. I use organic soil, fresh rain water brewed into compost tea. Just started using it the other day.

Gardening 101

Gardening 101

It has already made a huge difference. I used to use just rain water but I decided to try this out. I am really liking the way its working. I’m hooked because it has made a big difference in just 4 times of being watered with it. I’m shocked actually. I’ll never go back now. I’ve got a super growth potion here. I will not give up the recipe either. It’s crazy you wouldn’t believe your eyes if you saw it. All organic. You can’t go wrong when growing organic. The taste of the fruits and vegetables will be unmatched. It will be worth every ounce of sweat that went into growing the vegetables. This all goes true for any plant you grow.

Gardening Essentials

The gardening essentials are good soil, fresh water, great seed and pure sunlight. If you have these and and the heart to work that soil, you have the makings of a great garden. Gardening can be fun and easy. The thing I love most about gardening is there is no deadline. When it grows we will have it. When it ripens we will eat it. When we eat it we will truly enjoy it! If you grow it yourself you will taste the love that went into growing it. That’s what really makes it taste so good. The time you put into growing and maintaining it. This year I will grow corn in my greenhouse. I tried once before but didn’t have much luck. This year things are going to be different. I just know it. With the new watering system things are gonna get crazy. Gardening can be fun and profitable for people of all ages.

Garden Ideas Anything Goes

When #garden ideas come to mind you should implement them. After all there are no rules when it comes to garden design. Only your own satisfaction matters. To me its more about functionality more than garden design. Because I don’t really care that much about what it looks like so long as it produces what I need. And what I need is a way to provide my family with the fruits and vegetables that we need. And the ability to make some extra money from the plants I grow. I grow my plants for many different reasons. Not just for food. They also provide me an income so I can get the things I need and can’t grow myself. So bartering does come into play many times. After all I always grow more than I need so I can share with other members of my family. And sell plants to help others get started. I offer these plants for cheaper than the chain stores and all my plants are grown organically. That way I am sure of my family getting fresh healthy vegetables with no additives if you know what I mean.

Garden Ideas Simple But Effective

Garden Ideas

Garden Ideas

Garden ideas come from your past gardening experiences. We all remember gardening with our parents and grandparents. Those were the best of times. I wish I could re-live just one day from my past.  I would choose a day when I was gardening with my father or grandfather. I so miss those times. They both used only basic garden ideas and always did well. Green Beans, Tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, corn, peas, carrots, cabbage and many more. Man those were the days. I can remember my favorite part was picking the vegetables and bringing them home. Garden ideas come from the heart. If you put your heart in your garden ideas you will achieve greatness. It is worth every ounce of sweat. My favorite garden ideas are probably due to my greenhouse. because i can garden all year long in there.

Garden Ideas Can Make You Money

Here is what I mean when I say #garden ideas can make you money. I put in a water garden in the front yard. I also put in a waterfall. The water fall is strategically placed so that people can see it from the road. This plus a water lily sign in the front draws attention to my water plant business. And believe me when I say it gets sales. So from a few simple #garden ideas I can make money from it. I always use simple #garden ideas to get the best effects.

by Jeff Gabelman

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Starting Seeds Early Indoors

Believe it or not now is a great time to think about starting seeds indoors. For the vegetable plants you are planning on growing this year in your gardens. It gives them plenty of time to get going and get a good root system going right from the get go. The bigger the root system the better chance the plant has to make it outdoors. Just make sure that you harden the plant off before putting it straight outside. What I mean is gradually introduce the plant the outdoor weather

Starting Seeds

Starting Seeds

. Each day take the plant outdoors for just a little while. Put it in a protected spot, not full sun. Gradually exposing it to more outdoor temperatures until you can fully leave it outdoors. Starting seeds indoors gives you perks that you don’t have outside. Like the ability to add light, water, bottom heat and humidity.  Starting seeds has other advantages like the ability to organically control it’s entire growth from germination to death. That’s big really big. Being able to control these factors is awesome. You can control how the plant grows, how tall it gets and how wide it gets.

Starting Seeds Now Be Producing Early

By starting seeds  now your plants will be far along by the time it gets warm outside and they will be ready to produce vegetables very early. Early enough to grow two different crops this year. That’s one of the joys of having a greenhouse. Which is now one of my favorite methods of gardening now. Because a greenhouse helps me in many ways with my gardening. For one it lengthens the growing season on both ends by about 2 months. So that means about 4 extra months of gardening. And for a gardener that is great time I can use wisely. I have something growing in there all year long. And during the cold winters I store many different plants in pots in there. I heat it slightly it stays about 20 degrees warmer in there. Right here is another way of making money online for posting links


Catching Catfish Many Ways To Do It

There are many basic methods to catching catfish. Just bear in mind that certain methods are applicable to specific kinds of waters. That is because techniques and baiting are formulated for specific targets.

These methods are simple, yet they have proven successful when used:

Catching catfish is fun no matter how you do it. Just have fun with it. the fun of catching catfish comes as soon as you hook them and have to wear them out before you get them to the boat or shore line. Catching catfish is my favorite kind of fishing. cause nothing fights like a catfish.

Catching Catfish

Catching Catfish

1)The Rigging method – Depending on the bait used, loop the bait holder or the treble hook from a line to a preferred distance to the end. Bait movement is not suggested; therefore, a weight must be used to allow the rig to be still. A good distance shall be about 18″ to 24.”

Same as the first method, using the Slip weight to make the bait stable is also effective. The weight does not matter as long as it can slide in the line. The fish will not feel any weight and it will be too late when they realize that the bait is fake.

Multi-bait technique allows multiple catches at once. Simply place three-way swivel along the line. As it draws more strikes it makes a great choice for catching more catfish at the same time.

2) The Bait – Experts opt for chicken livers or medium sized shrimp from groceries. The shrimp’s tail and skin must be removed and body should be big enough to slide up in a number 6 hook. This is simpler than the chicken which necessitates the use of pantyhose. A diameter of a quarter is wrapped in a piece of pantyhose leaving a tag end then attach it through the treble hook. Blood worms, minnows, catfish paste, night crawlers, snails, living or dead small fish, and dough baits are also good choices of baits. Remember that the best baits are always those that nature produced.

3) The Chumming Method – Fishermen catch catfish with this method. This is simply throwing balls of bait made of natural recipes in the fishing area. This attracts more catfish; the trick is that the mixture should be enough for the catfish to feed heavily. The hook that will be used to fish normally must have the same recipe for the bait. Adding a good smelling flavor into the pasty mixture attracts catfish more.

4) Tackling – Although the technique involved in this method is by far effective, it’s still the bait that attracts and brings the catfish in. As simple as it is, the tackle should be about 6 feet long with a spinning real. Choose heavier lines to allow more battle between the fisherman and the catfish. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. The experience you get from a cheaper tackle is no different from an expensive one.

Never Take Catching Catfish Too Seriously

5) My personal favorite is fishing deadline on the bottom. It takes a lot of patience but in time it will pay off. Anywhere where there are big catfish this is the method I will choose. Deadline on the bottom goes back many years to my grandfather. He could catch anything fishing deadline. Now as for choices of bait. Well a great fisherman never gives up his secret bait. But I will give you some general catfish baits. Dough-balls, minnows, cheese, corn, shrimp, beef melt, chicken livers.  That’s just a few of them. Catfish will eat a lot of things. I’ve caught catfish with all of these baits.

Make sure the grip is secure hooks are removed by pliers after catching the fish. Avoid being stuck with the fins as some are poisonous. Just simply sliding the hand up to its belly from tail, placing the fingers behind one side and thumb behind the other can remove the catfish from the hook without any harm. Have fun catching catfish and good luck!  Catfish like to hang out under water lilies and cattails. So give those places a try for catching catfish.